• Potato pancakes with salmon, caviar and sour cream - 53 pln
  • Beef tartare with toppings - 61 pln


  • Homemade tomato soup - 32 pln
  • Broth with poured noodles and Parmesan cheese - 33 pln


  • Cracovians and Highlanders... romaine lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, radish, string beans, hard bioled egg, fresh and pickled cucumbers, served in a laaarge bowl with croutons and smoked sheep's cheese Oscypek - 49 pln
  • Genova for greens with sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, romaine lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and vinaigrette - 44 pln
  • Cesar salad with romaine lettuce,farm chicken or shripm, crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, capers and croutons served with anchovy sauce - 51 pln

And then

  • Braised veal with potato dumplings and cucumber cream salad - 72 pln
  • Dumplings - 62 pln

And sweet

  • the selection of cakes available at the counter

For each of the accounts above 100 pln, 10% service charge