Confectionery - Restaurant "Słodki... Słony" offers many types of cookies and pastries:

Apple croissant
puff pastry, apple

Apple pie
shortcrust pastry, vanilla custard, apples, meringue

Apricot pie (seasonally)
shortcrust pastry, vanilla custard, apricots, meringue

Banana pie

shortcrust pastry, caramel, bananas, almonds

Butter bun

Cappucino cake
chocolate sponge, mascarpone, cherries, chocolate

Cracovian cheesecake
farmer cheese, raisins, orange peel

Viennese cheesecake
farmer cheese, beaten egg whites, orange peel

Chocolate sky
sponge with chocolate mousse

Crescent roll buns
white poppy seeds, honey, dried fruits

Cream cupcakes

Fruit cupcakes
shortcrust pastry, vanilla custard, fruits

Vanilla&almond Dacquoise
meringue, vanilla&almond custard

Pistachio Dacquoise
meringue, pistachio custard with mascarpone

Strawberry Dacquoise with whipped cream (seasonally)
meringue, whipped cream, strawberries

Raspberry Dacquoise with whipped cream (seasonally)
meringue, whipped cream, raspberries

Chocolate&coffee Dacquoise
meringue, chocolate&coffee custard

Donuts (seasonally)
rose or raspberry jam

Mini donuts (box, seasonally)

Duet (on order)
cheesecake with poppy seeds

Coffee eclair
choux pastry, coffee custard

Eclair with whipped cream
choux pastry, whipped cream

Vanilla eclair
choux pastry, vanilla custard

polish cream cake with raspberries

Chocolate Easter cake (seasonally)

Caramel Easter cake (seasonally)

Walnut Easter cake (seasonally)

Orange Easter cake (seasonally)

Rose Easter cake (seasonally)

Fruit gardens
shortcrust pastry, vanilla custard, fruits

Fruit tart (seasonal fruits)

Ginger cake (seasonally)

Polish cream cake
vanilla custard, alcohol

Polish Napoleon cake
vanilla custard and orange peel

Polish crispy crullers / Faworki (seasonally)

Polish shortbread cookies (box)
short pastry, raspberry jam

Puff pastry with apple

Puff pastry with rhubarb (seasonally)

Puff pastry with plum (seasonally)

Poppy seed cake

Rhubarb Pie (seasonally)
shortcrust pastry, vanilla custard, rhubarb, meringue

Sponge cake with fruits (seasonally)


Cheesy strudel

Plum strudel

Tarte tatin (on order)

shortcrust pastry, caramel, quark

puff pastry, vanilla custard with butter, redcurrant jelly

Yeast bun with custard

Yeast bun with poppy seed

Yeast bun with chees

Yeast bun with apple (seasonally)

Yeast bun with plum (seasonally)

Yeast bun with fresh raspberry (seasonally)

Yeast bun with raspberry jam

Yeast bun with rose jam

Yeast bun with blackcurrant

Yeast bun with cherries (seasonally)

Yeast bun with blueberries (seasonally)

Yeast cake with crumble

Yeast Raised Cake

Rhubarb yeast cake (seasonally)

Blueberry yeast cake (seasonally)

yeast cake